Bill and Jennifer Campbell's ministry; The Haiti Home of Hope(HHH), is an orphanage ministry in Pignon, Haiti. Pignon is a small peaceful village located in the mountains of the N. Cental Plateu. The HHH ministry houses and provides total care for 39 orphaned children. The ministry also has a feeding center for children out in the community that are in need of nutrition. The ministry sits on 4 acres with an 8 acre garden in back.


    Evis and Marie serve the Lord in Vigo, Spain with Spanish Evangelical Enterprises (SEE).  They work in teaching, church planting, evangelism, leadership training, and radio and literature.


    Thirty years ago, after they met at Miami Bible Institute and wed, Paul and Beth applied to C.A.M (Central American Missionary) and were accepted.  Now for 32 years, Paul and Beth have been serving in the country of Honduras. Paul’s ministry assignment has been church planting and working in evangelistic campaigns.  He is also responsible for directing the literature ministry and compiling various statistics in the country.  Beth is involved in teaching in Sunday School and conducting ladies seminars, daily vacation Bible school, and Bible classes.  She also has been teaching music and having sewing classes.


    Bruno and Lidia worked as church planters in unevangelized communities within Spain. During this brief period they started a Church in a small town in Coria which had a population of about 14,000. The Church is still active and growing for God’s glory. They then went to Madrid to attend Sefován seminary where they studied theology. They graduated from seminary in May of 2005. Bruno pastored a church for 3 of the 4 years he attended seminary. In June of 2005, Bruno accepted an invitation to serve for 8 months as interim pastor for a church in Murcia. They afterwards served in the region of Vélez, Málaga from March 2006 until they moved to Canada in March 2008 in church planting, preaching, teaching, distribution of gospel literature and public speaking.  Bruno now pastors, and Lidia serves, in a Spanish speaking Church in Vancouver, British Columbia.


    Titus and his wife Anya are missionaries in Russia with the Navigators. In their ministry they meet and build relationships with college students. After meeting them Titus and Anya invite the students to Startup events, where there is fun, fellowship, and further opportunity to build relationships. A country house near St. Petersburg is also used for student retreats.


    Robert and Florine have been involved in the Wai Wai work since 1950.  In 1956, there was a great turning to the Lord in the tribe led by Chief Elka.  From this point, an indigenous church was started.  Robert and Florine continued on in the Wai Wai work writing songs teaching Sunday school classes and making primers to teach reading.
    Robert taught preachers to preach, taught the baptized believers in a weekly bible class and translated the New Testament.  In early 1984, 1500 New Testaments were published.  Most of these were sold to the Wai Wai.  The entire Bible is now on a computer disk.  Although Bob and Florine are now retired, they receive proof sheets from the publishers to assist in the editorial work of the translations.

  • H, W & S

    We are serving our Savior in Eastern Europe with the goal of training men to preach with exegetical and theological precision. We want to provide a biblical model of pastoral leadership for those we are training for ministry. Our goal is also to provide a biblical model of church ministry, in terms of polity, oversight, worship, and programming.


    In Bangladesh Laura teaches and work with children, She is the supervisor for the Literature Production ministry in Bangladesh, Field Treasurer, and Guest House Manager with ABWE.


    Carlos serves the Lord at MEDA as one of the Bible teachers and conference speakers. He has maintained the importance of the sufficiency of God's Word, expository preaching, and the centrality of the local church. He has served the Lord in various ministries for 15 years. He currently serves as an elder at iglesia Bautista Betania in Siguatepeque. Carlos and his wife, Lori, have 6 children: Kimberly, Jonathan, Jeremy, Marcy, Leslie, and Sara Grace.


    India National Inland Mission, Inc. ("INIM") is headquartered in New Delhi, India, with outreach concentrated in the largely unevangelized northern states of India. INIM includes Grace Bible College for the training of native evangelists who go out into North India and establish churches. The organization also maintains a children’s home for orphans. K.V. Paul Pillai, founder and president, conducts evangelistic services frequently throughout North India. INIM was incorporated in California and distributes contributions raised in the US to India Inland Mission in New Delhi, India.


    Tim has a background in broadcast production, and is assigned to the Pacific Broadcasting Association. This evangelistic radio and TV ministry works with local churches all over Japan creating programs to be aired on local commercial stations. Aileen works at a variety of ministries. She conducts home Bible studies and parenting classes for neighborhood women.


    Andrew joined Slovic Gospel Association in 1951. His current responsibilities in SGA International Ministries include participation in Church Leadership Training in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus; teach at the Odessa and Kiev Seminaries that SGA supports in Ukraine;  counsel, encourage and work with our national missionaries and church-planters; conduct discipling classes for new churches and new believers in the CIS; and  provide pastoral counseling and discipling classes for members of new immigrant Slavic churches in the USA.


    Dan and Julie Snyder began working with South America Mission in Brazil in 1993 at the KBBI school in Aquidauana, MS. When plans to develop the Ammi Training Center began that same year, they moved to Chapada dos Guimaraes and coordinated the development of the school on what was formerly a campground. Dan is the director of the Ammi ministry and continues to teach in and out of the classroom. Julie has a ministry with the ladies and homeschools their three boys.